Spoil Me

No, gifts aren't necessary but they do show appreciation and go a long way in gaining My favor  :)




*love* long stemmed Red Roses

White Wine (*love* Williamsburg Wines)

Yankee Company Candles (Vanilla ~ Midnight Summer ~ Fresh Cut Roses)

Anything Tigger!!  :)
 Figurines/Stuffed Animals/Etc.

Anything Betty Boop  :)
Figurines/Music Boxes/Etc.

Gift Certificates to:
Sub Shop
* Barnes and Noble Bookstore
* Best Buy
* Victoria's Secret
* Frederick's of Hollywood
* Cracker Barrel
* Home Depot
* Ebay
* Leslie's Pool and Spa (Va Beach Blvd)
* Olive Garden ~ yummeeeee!!  :)
* Dive Quarters in Va Beach :)

And $$ is always good  :)

I spent the summer scuba diving
so I am looking to build my diving bag :)

Digital underwater camera & accessories (good to at least 100ft)

I would love an air tank airbrushed with Tigger :)

a dive bag on wheels would be awesome!!


I *love* traveling so don't be shy, let's get together
even if you're not in town  :) 
Donations,  transportation and accommodations
are to be included

* Wooden Paddles

* Leather Floggers

* Leather Whips

* Leather Hood

* Swing

* Black Platform Heels (size 10)

* Leather Boots (size 10)

* Leather Domination Bag would be neat :)

* Violet Wand and extra adapters