Weekend slave Getaway


Leave your reality behind ~ Come explore your fantasies for a weekend

Whether you are looking to be a 24/7 slave

Or  you just want to get away from the real world and play 'bad boy'

I offer what you are looking for...a weekend where you will surrender total control to ME...you will be MY toy, MY slave
you will do as you are told, I expect nothing less and will tolerate nothing less...

Payment for your weekend is $3,600 and is due prior to O/our meeting so W/we won't have to deal with 'business' during the fun


Weekends will be once a month, Friday - Sunday ~ arrival/departure hours will be determined per weekend

What should you expect? 

to relinquish your mind body and soul to ME

Per MY rules on the main page, I require:

 recent picture
 interests you have
any prior experiences you may have had

Yes, I will test your limits...Yes, I will push your limits...I accept safe words...I require trust...I demand obedience


you will be MINE